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One Farrer Hotel

400 pax $146 ~ $146/pax

Lewin Terrace

Experience warm Japanese hospitality in a charming historical location

80 pax $51 ~ $162/pax

Boufe Boutique Cafe

Minimalist meets colonial

70 pax $31 ~ $91/pax

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore

Luxurious Waterfront Haven within city bustle

600 pax $13 ~ $99/pax


Mystical & Romantic Lush Woodland

None pax $118 ~ $175/pax

Jim Thompson

Absolutely Thai, Thompson-style

200 pax $41 ~ $146/pax

Hotel Fort Canning

Old Style Colonial Glamour

500 pax $116 ~ $138/pax

The Chapel @ Imaginarium

Designed specifically for weddings - elegant and timeless

350 pax $12 ~ $39/pax

Portico Host

Comfortable, Casual, Rustic Vibe

None pax $86 ~ $117/pax

What People Say

My fiancée and I like it. The idea of tagging the categories like quirky and providing cost estimates are good, cause it helps couples narrow down their options.

- Daryl

Just checked out Wedever - it looks great! Some of the listings are so cool.

- Valerie

...what I liked are the locations. A lot of our peers only think of "hotels, hotels, hotels", when there are actually many different places to hold a wedding.

- Joshua

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