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Chijmes Hall

Gothic-style historic chapel

300 pax $65 ~ $172/pax

Changi Cove

Heritage restored and modernized set in nature

220 pax $127 ~ $144/pax

The Fullerton Hotel

Neoclassical grandeur within The Fullerton Heritage precinct

480 pax $43 ~ $156/pax

Little Island Brewing Co.

Laidback vibe paired with award-winning craft beer

472 pax $18 ~ $93/pax

Timbre @ The Substation

Music Oasis within the City

255 pax $53 ~ $56/pax

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

A majestic, timeless estate

None pax $95 ~ $147/pax

Portico Prime

Colonial elegance amidst lush greenery

None pax $151 ~ $151/pax

Open Farm Community

Farming community with a local spirit

110 pax $73 ~ $124/pax

Vineyard at Hort Park

Verdant oasis of Singapore's Southern Ridges

135 pax $29 ~ $132/pax

What People Say

My fiancée and I like it. The idea of tagging the categories like quirky and providing cost estimates are good, cause it helps couples narrow down their options.

- Daryl

Just checked out Wedever - it looks great! Some of the listings are so cool.

- Valerie

...what I liked are the locations. A lot of our peers only think of "hotels, hotels, hotels", when there are actually many different places to hold a wedding.

- Joshua

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